Do What Makes You Happy

Do What Makes You Happy. 

We hear this statement a lot, don't we? I feel that I see it all the time on social media and of course your friends and family say that to you from time to time. 

But do we really listen? Do we hear that sentence and feel that it could apply to our life? I think that it probably does but we are all ready to hear it when we are ready. 

I have tried to incorporate that statement in my life in the smallest of ways. I decided several years ago to purchase a camera and began taking it with me on impromptu road trips. And then I was toting it around my home and snapping pictures of my home and my flower garden. 

And then those impromptu trips with just the camera in hand, grew to a camera bag with assorted lenses, charging cables, and all items ready for a hike, if necessary. And then earlier this year, my boyfriend gifted me a new lens and the impromptu trips continued but sometimes there are now more planned trips to our favorite parks or a new destination for a sunset or to photograph wildlife and nature. 

I also decided to join a few nature groups to begin to learn more about local spots in my area of Burlington County or my next door neighbor, Mercer County. I recently joined a nature walk in Hamilton, NJ and I loved it! I also recently took a trip to visit friends in Delaware and visited Assateague Island; that was saved on my map for a long time as a placed I wanted to visit. 

I decided that if I was going to do what makes me happy, I was going to invest my time taking pictures while being out in my favorite place: Nature. I will keep taking pictures of wildlife, paths through the woods, and beautiful shorelines of the Jersey Shore, lakes, streams, etc. 

I truly enjoy sharing my love and passion of photography and exploration with you and I hope you share my passion, as well. And if not, maybe you find out about a new place to visit while in your travels, after reading my blog or browsing my photos. I am always inspired by my photography peers as it is all so interesting to see how we share our creavity and passion through the lens. 

I hope you make the choice to do what makes you happy, as well. Start small! And keep sharing your love with your friends and family, they are my biggest supporters. Without their support and love, this entire Valeigh Home idea may not have been born. 

Take a leap my friends. Or a small hop, it reaps huge rewards. :) -Val

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