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Discovery Walk: June 2021

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit the John A Roebling Park in Hamilton, NJ with the Abbott Marshlands group. The theme of the walk was to explore the marsh and learn about toxic plants within the park from a local high school science instructor. As always, I brought my camera along to take as many photos as I desired. :)

The morning that we arrived at Spring Lake to begin the walk it was sunny and very hot. However, it had rained the night prior and the droplets of water were still visible on many of the trees, plant leaves, and flower petals. This allowed me to have a wonderful photography opportunity to take pictures of the many plants and flowers with that small detail. 

With that, I took my very favorite photo of the trip: The Bee on the Sweet Pea Flower

For me, it was that magical moment of the bee collecting pollen from the flower. I loved the small details of the bright color of the flower petals, the colors of the bee's body, and the various greens of the plants in the background. If you look closely at the right petal of the flower, you can see a water droplet about to drip off of the petal. It was stunning! When I came home and reviewed all of the photos that I had taken that day, I was most smitten with this photo. 

I submitted this photo to the Abbott Marshlands to be featured in the Abbott Marshlands Inspiration Showcase and was pleasantly surprised when the photo was selected! :) It was a special moment for me to see that photo "live" on the website. So, I wanted to share that awesome moment with you so you can go check it out. Also, this showcase features several other very talented artists with more photography and watercolor painting. 

You can also check out the photography gallery on the main page of the Valeigh Home website to look at all of the photos that I took while out on the walk that day: Discovery Walk, June 2021. I also strongly encourage you to check out the Abbott Marshlands website to see more information about Spring Lake at John A Roebling Park in Hamilton, NJ and other walks that will be upcoming for you to attend:

This park is just one of the many, many beautiful parks located within Mercer County, NJ. I love to visit this park on many different times throughout out the year to experience the change in the seasons. You will see multiple photographs from this park within the Valeigh Home Photography Store as it is one of my many favorite locations to shoot at! There is an abundance of nature and wildlife to explore and photograph while walking the trails. I have visited in all (4) seasons now and I love each one for the differences in the visible change of the foliage with each new season.-Val #explorenj

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