Valeigh Home: Press Play

Hi everyone! My name is Val and let me introduce you to my small business. I own Valeigh Home and my focus is on landscape photography, furniture refinishing , plus all things home related. I truly am a passionate person about many activities so when this idea grew into a real thing called a business: I could not focus on just one thing. I always have my hands in several things at once so I decided to follow that path.

My love of nature and exploration fuels my creativity for my photography. My passion of working with my hands and transforming old furniture to updated timeless pieces led me to furniture refinishing. And in between those (2) awesome things that I love; I also cook and bake in my spare time which brings me tremendous joy. 

My photography is an excerpt of the simple moments while out on an exploration trip to a park or to wherever I travel with my camera in tow. I take photos of mostly nature and other items that may capture my interest. I have no formal training so I am a self taught photographer. I will not be on this blog currently to teach you any new photography tricks, but I hope to take you along for each out trip out into the wilderness. That is my goal: I hope you enjoy one of these photos available for purchase for your home, as much as I love them in my home. I am excited to share my photography with you! 

I hope you stay on this journey with me and stop by often to check in with what the latest is at Valeigh Home. -Val

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