Where are your favorite local photography spots?

Hi everyone! I just wanted to take a moment and re-introduce myself and Valeigh Home to you. My name is Val and I am owner and founder of Valeigh Home. I am here to share my nature photography with you from within and around New Jersey.

Now that we have that established, I am also here to meet anyone that also shares my passion of nature and the wilderness in general. :) I enjoy taking my camera with me to new parks and nature walks that I have not gone on or into before. Recently, I have taken a real liking to learning more about nature and sharing my stories with you through my photographs from each journey. 

I often get asked this question a lot so I thought I would answer it within a blog post: Where are your favorite local photography spots?

My current local photography spots in my travels within New Jersey are:

1. My hometown of Florence, New Jersey! :) I also take a lot of photos in the neighboring town of Roebling. Some of you may be familiar with Roebling as it is the site of the former Roebling Steel Mill which provided steel for many locations around the United States. I am very fortunate to be close to the Delaware River and the photo opportunities are endless. I also enjoy taking photographs of my flower garden as I plant numerous species of wildflowers to attract the bees and butterflies.

2. Smithville Park, Eastampton, New Jersey
This park has many beautiful old buildings and plenty of walking trails. The inside of the park has a mansion and a stunning garden that is beautifully manicured.

3. Willingboro Lakes, Willingboro, New Jersey.This park was recently restored and it has really pretty walking trails around the lakes. 

4. John A Roebling Park - Spring Lake, Hamilton, New Jersey 
The featured Discovery Walk Photo Gallery on my Home Page was taken there. I also have several other photographs in my shop that were taken there. Due to the landscape, this park is gorgeous during every season of the year. This park is also part of the Abbott Marshlands. 

5. Veterans Park - Hamilton, New Jersey 
I have several photographs in my shop taken at this park as I love all of the walking trails that it has within the entire park. 

I look up new parks to visit all the time and as I never know what I may run into! I have seen so much wildlife, flowers and plants, and other unscripted moments while out walking or bicycling with my camera. Sometimes I plan out the trips and sometimes I just go visit on a whim. :)

I hope this list may bring you a new idea to visit a local park!-Val

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